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Dermagrain crystals are made from pure, medical-grade aluminum oxide.

Dermagrain is a specially graded high-purity micro-crystalline aluminum oxide made from Bayer processed alumina which results in final product purity of 99.55%. It has been fused at nearly 4000o F to make an extremely stable material with the identical crystal structure of sapphire.Aluminum oxide is completely inert and pH neutral. Components made from aluminum oxide are approved for use by the FDA as prosthetic and DAL implants.

Typical Properties
Alpha alumina, crystallized
Chemical Nature: Amphoteric
True Specific Gravity: 3.95 grams/cm3
Knoop 100 Hardness: 2000 (Moh’s scale 9.0)
Melting Point: 3672o F
Shape: Blocky
Bulk Density: 1.64 – 1.72 grams/cm
Typical Chemical Analysis
Al2O3: 99.55%
CaO: 0.03%
TiO2: 0.01% Alkalies: 0.30%
SiO2: 0.05% MgO: 0.02%
Fe2O3: 0.04%

After fusion, the material is processed to form grains with blocky, sharp edges to enhance abrasive properties. It is then graded into a tightly controlled particle size distribution.Close examination under a microscope will show that the individual particles are clear grains of sapphire and will sparkle like diamond under reflected light. Because they are clear and absorb light, the grains appear slightly off white in color.Dermagrain 1200 has a D50 (median) particle diameter of 110 microns.

Note: Adequate protection must be worn to protect user from nuisance dust that might be present, as noted on the MSDS.

Sterilization: Dermagrain crystals are extremely stable and can be sterilized using dry heat or autoclaved followed by vaccum drying. Follow instructions of your sterilizing equipment.

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