Dermagrain Microderm Crystals & Machine Compatibility

For the best results for your business and for your customers, it is important to select the microdermabrasion crystals that are compatible with your equipment. We make it easy by offering Dermagrain aluminum oxide crystals in the most commonly used grit sizes for use in microdermabrasion machines.

Common Microdermabrasion Machines

Before purchasing your crystals for microdermabrasion, it is best to check your machine literature to determine which micron size best suits your specific machine. Some of the more common microdermabrasion machines are listed below:

Dermagrain type

1000 1200
Cosmo Euro Peel® checkmark
Delpha 2E® checkmark
Dermagenises® checkmark
Dermaglide® checkmark
Dermaglow II® checkmark
Dermanew® checkmark
Dreamy 2000® checkmark
Euro Peel® checkmark checkmark
Mattioli® checkmark checkmark
MD Peel® checkmark
Micro Dermex® checkmark
Microderm MD® checkmark
Micro Mega Peel® checkmark
Naturabrader® checkmark
Parisian Peel® checkmark
Pelle Peel® checkmark
Pepita® checkmark
Platinum Peel® checkmark
Power Peel® checkmark checkmark
Propeel® checkmark
Silhouette® checkmark
Skin Renewer® checkmark
Skin Technologies® checkmark
Slimtone/Diamond Peel® checkmark
Smart Peel® checkmark checkmark
SuperDerm® checkmark
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