Dermagrain Crystals for Microdermabrasion

Glowing skin with consistent results will keep you coming back to Marketech International for all your orders for microdermabrasion crystals. We guarantee the highest quality materials with batch-to-batch reliability and optimum grain size for dermatological use. Same day shipping and convenient packaging make Dermagrain the preferred choice for wholesale microdermabrasion supplies.

Grit Sizes for Dermagrain Microdermabrasion Crystals

Dermatologist and aesthetic skin care professionals across the country are using Dermagrain aluminum oxide microdermabrasion crystals to provide stunning results for beautiful skin. In selecting the Dermagrain products that will best meet your needs, it can help to consider machine compatibility and the desired abrasive properties for your application.

Dermagrain 1200 (110 Micron)
Fine grit (120 grit) microderm crystals preferred for use in...
Dermagrain 1000 (130 Micron)
Medium grit (100 grit) microderm crystals used in a number of...
Dermagrain 900 (150 Micron)
Course grit (90 grit) microderm crystals that work great for body scrubs and...
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